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Run for Office

Minnesota Young Republicans are charged to Recruit, Train, and Elect Young Republicans at all levels of government. If you have even the slightest interest in running for any office, from Township Clerk to President of the United States, please click the link below to fill out the form and we will be in touch. 

Young Republicans are working to build a bench of candidates so Republicans can be competitive in every race and build a political machine here in Minnesota. Young Republicans will aim to help those who fill out the form in their endeavor to run for office. 

Run for Office Form


Current Young Republicans State Office Holders:


Senator Justin Eichorn (6) Senator Justin D. Eichorn
Senator Jordan Rasmusson (9) Senator Jordan Rasmusson
Senator Jeremy Miller (26) Senator Jeremy R. Miller
Senator Andrew Mathews (27)
Senator Julia Coleman (48) Senator Julia E. Coleman
Senator Zach Duckworth (57) Senator Zach Duckworth
Senator Bill Lieske (58) Image of Bill Lieske
Representative Spencer Igo (7A) Rep. Spencer Igo
Representative Isaac Schultz (10B) Rep. Isaac Schultz
Representative Bjorn Olson (22A) Rep. Bjorn Olson
Representative Nolan West (32A) Rep. Nolan West
Representative Elliot Engen (36A) Rep. Elliott Engen