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Tired of liberal friends and family silencing you?

You’ve watched your family’s livelihood destroyed by big government policies - whether it’s skyrocketing costs of living, shutting down businesses, or limiting the freedoms of Minnesotans.

You’re angry and you want to speak up. But your liberal friends and family won't listen to your protests. 

You can no longer sit back and do nothing. We’re all Americans. This isn’t what our founding fathers fought for!


Now imagine you’re floating down the river.

Beer in hand on a Minnesota summer day. Laughing at liberals and their crazy ideas.

No family and friends judging you.

What if you could meet people who thought like you?

What if you could meet people your age from your community running for office?

Restoring freedom to Minnesota sounds impossible right now.

But with a like-minded group who you’ll soon call friends, that impossible dream can be fun and meaningful.




How We Make A Difference

Social Engagement

Whether it’s a happy hour or a holiday party, we love bringing our fellow conservatives together in an environment where they can mingle, meet people running for office, and just speak their minds without fear of being judged or labeled.


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Organizing the Grassroots

Come election season, we are hard at work making calls, knocking on doors, and promoting candidates running for local government. Join us and feel fulfilled, knowing you didn’t sit idle while your liberal friends were out doing the same.


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Giving Back to the Community

Volunteer with us and become a part of the community around you. We have an annual food drive amongst other events, that always ends up being a big success thanks to our dedicated young Republican family.



Join Us for a Safer, Better & Free Minnesota

Becoming a part of the Minnesota Young Republicans is as easy as signing up and paying the membership fee. Check your email and follow us on social media for upcoming events. We can’t wait to meet and get to know you!


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